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Track and Field

 10-19 Years Track and Field Trials

Regional Trial - 17-18 June 2019 - QSAC



Chris Bransdon 
Regional School Sport Office

Ph: 3436 0333


Ann-Louise Edwards 
Regional School Sport Office 
Ph: 3436 0333

Age Groups 

10 years born 2009
11 years born 2008
12 years born 2007 
13 years born 2006
14 years born 2005
15 years born 2004
16 years born 2003
17 years born 2002
19 years born 2000 & 2001

Information for 12 year old students 

12 year old students born (2007) will participate in events for their age group regardless of whether they attend a primary or a secondary school. Students selected in the Metropolitan West Regional Track & Field Team in the 12 Years age group will represent Metropolitan West at the Queensland School Sport 10-12 Years State Track & Field Championships.

Timetable of Events



On the day of competition, if students are advised that there are insufficient competitors for heats to be conducted, the final of that event may be conducted at the designated heat time.

Nominations per 10-12yrs District

The maximum number of nominations allowed from each 10-12yrs district will be: 
·   Track Events: 3 nominations for 200m, 800m & 1500m track events and 4   
           nominations for the 100m track events. (No relays will be conducted)   
·   Field Events: 3 nominations.  
Please note that 10-12 year old students may nominate for a maximum of five individual events.  If an athlete competes in the Multi Event (100m, long  jump, shot put and 800m), they can only  compete in one other individual event.
·   2 nominations for each multi-event, per gender per age group. Multi-events will be conducted as  separate events.   
·   Please note that (Appendix D) lists recommended heights and distances for 10-12 year students. Districts are encouraged to use these as a guide when selecting
their district team.   
·   Athletes in a multi-class event nominations are additional to the  
           nominations above.  
·   No substitutions will be accepted on the day of the trial.  
·   To avoid confusion over nominations, the District Convenor should be in  
          attendance or supply a complete set of nominations to the manager. 

Nominations per 13-19yrs District  

The maximum number of nominations allowed from each 13-19 years will be:
  • 2 automatic entries per event for both track and field plus ANY other student who meets the Regional Qualifying Standards. (Appendix S)
  • Track Events: A maximum number of 30 nominations will be accepted. The convenor reserves the right to limit the number of nominations per event. District will be advised if all nominations are not accepted.
  • Heats will be conducted for all 100 and 200m events. All other track events (400m, 800m events) will be conducted as timed finals. Total fields for 1500m events will be governed by IAAF regulations to field sizes.
  • Field Events: A maximum of 24 competitors will be accepted. All multi-class athletes will compete in their corresponding age groups in field events. N.B. There are no separate field events for multi-class athletes. Please note that 13-19 year old students may nominate for a maxium of five individual events.
  • No relays will be conducted
  • Athletes competing in a multi-class event must be nominated by their district & nominations are additional to the able bodied nominations
  • No substitutions will be accepted on the day of the trial.
  • To avoid confusion over nominations, the District Convenor should be in
      attendance or supply a complete set of nominations to the manager.

Qualifiers for Track Finals  

All students should be advised that if there are insufficient competitors for heats to be conducted, the final of that event may be conducted at the designated time for those heats. Please note students must be in a final to be considered for selection in the Metropolitan West School Sport Team to attend the QSS 13-19 Years Track & Field State Championships
Qualifiers for Finals: 100m, 200m & 800m (10-12 Years only):
  • 2 Heats: First three (3) placegetters in each heat and the next four (4) fastest     times will qualify for the final.
  • 3 Heats: First two (2) placegetters in each heat and the next four (4) fastest times will qualify for the final.
  • 4 Heats: First two (2) placegetters in each heat and the next two (2) fastest times will qualify for the final.
The number of heats may be subject to change at the discretion of the event Convenor, which may change the progression formula.
The following events shall be run as timed finals only:
100m & 800m Multi-Events                       
400m, 800m (13-19 yrs only) 1500m

All Multi-Class events                                    


High Jump 

Athletes who wish to use the Fosbury Flop technique at the trials must complete the Certificate of Competence: Fosbury Flop – (Appendix J). It is the responsibility of the district to check & collect all competency forms.


Athletes who wish to participate in the Discus must submit a signed parental/carer consent form (Appendix L) to their District Official prior to competing in the discus.

Events Not Conducted 

Please be advised that there will be no competition for Hammer, Pole Vault, Walk, 3000m, 5000m, Steeple and all Hurdle events. 
Paper nominations will be used for these events. (Appendix H, I, K ,L, U, V & W).  
Athletes who wish to nominate must complete the Certificate of Competence: 
Students should source and nominate in athletic meets containing these events so that they can submit results from the current season. Results must have been achieved in 2019, results prior to this will not be considered.


10-19 year students must wear their District team uniform when competing. Athletes may be disqualified from their event unless they have sought prior approval from the convenor not to wear their District team uniform.



Athletes will be competing on a tartan surface in all track & field events. It is strongly recommended that athletes should have appropriate foot protection for a tartan surface. Athletes can only wear spikes within the competition area, spikes must be removed before leaving the arena. Maximum allowable spike length for track events & most field events is 7mm. (Exceptions apply as per IAAF rules)
Footwear must be worn in all Field Events.

Starting Techniques and Use of Starting Blocks 13-19yrs

The use of starting blocks is compulsory for all 100m, 200m and 400m events for athletes aged 13 – 19 years. Competitors will be required to utilise a crouch start technique with blocks at the regional trial. Standing starts will not be permitted and if used may constitute a break against the athlete. This same rule will apply at the 2018 QSS State Track & Field Championships.
  • The organisers will provide starting blocks and no other blocks may be used. Athletes should know their block settings so that alterations can be completed as quickly as possible.
  • Please be advised that as per IAAF Rule 162 (adopted by Qld School Sport 13-19 Years Athletics Committee) athletes ages 16 years and above will be disqualified for a false start. Students aged 13, 14 & 15 years may be given one warning for a false start. Athletes should be advised of this competition rule.
  • Note that consideration may be given to Athletes in Multi-Class event (AWD) in relation to their starting technique.
Starting block training will be conducted at 7.30am on 17 & 18 June 2019.

Marshalling for Events 

Track Events: Track marshalling shall be conducted in the Terrace Area at the Northern end of the main grandstand. 
  • All track event competitors must register their intention to compete for events at the marshalling area at least 50 minutes prior to the event. Students who fail to register by the appropriate time may be disqualified from the event. Students may register for all of their events on that day, on arrival at the track. If within 15 minutes of the scheduled event there are insufficient competitors to run heats, the convenor reserves the right to run the final for the event at that time. Athletes must return to the marshalling area no later than 15 minutes before the scheduled start time of the event.
  • All field event competitors are to marshal at their field event, when called by the announcer. This will be approximately 15 minutes before the scheduled time of the event.


Medallions and Ribbons

1st, 2nd & 3rd medallions will be presented for all track finals & field events.


Warm Up

Warming up for track events must be conducted under the supervision of a school or district official on the grassed area or on the outside track only. Warm ups for field events are to take place in the relevant competition areas in the 10 minutes prior to the events starting and only under the supervision of officials.

Basis for Competition

Events shall be conducted according to the IAAF Handbook wherever possible. However, the Organising Committee reserves the right to modify events and /or procedures where necessary, to suit the requirements of these particular trials.
  • Electronic timing will be used.
  • Competitors may provide their own equipment for throwing events only. Any student wishing to use their own equipment must present the equipment for weighing and certification before 8.00am on the day of competition. Please note that the official certifier will keep this equipment until the warm-up period for the event and all certified equipment will be available for use by any competitor in the event.
  • Clashes between Track and Field events: Students must first report to field event to notify officials of their intention to compete, THEN compete in track event and immediately return to the field event. Students will be eligible to rejoin the field event at the current competition round.


Coaching During Competition

Coaches and athletes should be advised that coaching during competition from areas outside the competition arena (fence) is allowed under IAAF rules.
Coaches are not allowed to enter onto the arena during competition, nor are athletes allowed to leave their competition area. Either of these infringements will result in disqualification of the athlete.


Sports Medicine

Sports medicine personnel will be in attendance for the duration of the trials. It is the responsibility of the District Managers to follow through with any first aid or medical treatment required by the athletes.



A canteen will be operating from 8.30am to 3.00pm at the venue.

Absent Competitor

Any student wishing to be considered for selection in the Metropolitan West Track & Field Team, but is unable to compete at the Metropolitan West Regional Trials due to participation in a higher level of competition in that sport, QSS Regional/State team in a different sport, illness or injury MUST SUBMIT a written request on the Special Consideration Request Form. 
These students must be initially selected in their respective District team to warrant consideration for selection in the Metropolitan West School Sport Regional team.
The Special Consideration Request Form & necessary paperwork (medical certificate/2019 district results/principal & parent signatures) must be emailed to (Regional Convenor) by 8.00am on the day of the event. Applications for special consideration received after this time will not be accepted.
The Track and Field Committee will consider such applications and advise in due course if the student is to be invited to be a part of the Metropolitan West School Sport Team. The decision by the Track & Field Committee is final and is not subject to appeal.

Athletes competing in a Multi Class Event (AWD)  

Athletes wishing to compete in a Multi-Class event at the Met West Trials must be nominated through their District and must obtain a Provisional Classification.
Athletes who wish to nominate for selection in the Met West team to compete at the State Championships must participate at our Metropolitan West Trials & must obtain an official classification or provisional classification prior to the Met West Track & Field trials.
An athlete competing in a multi-class event can now choose to also compete as an able bodied athlete in the same event type if they are selected in an able bodied event by their District.
The following events will be available for athletes competing in a multi class event:
             10 – 12 Years                                           13 – 19 Years
All competitors will be able to             All competitors will be able to
      enter a maximum of 6 events.             enter a maximum of 5 events.
     Track             Field                                Track                      Field
      100m              Long Jump                       100m                      Long Jump
      200m              Shot Put                           200m                      Shot Put
      800m              Discus                              400m                      Discus
                                                                      800m & 1500m      Javelin     

QSS State Championships Information

The 2019 Queensland School Sport 13 – 19 Years Track & Field Championships will be held at Barlow Park, Cairns from 19-22 October 2019.
For all events (track & field) Metropolitan West School Sport may nominate all athletes who have attained the state qualifying standards.
If there are no athletes that meet the qualifying standards for a particular event, Metropolitan West School Sport will be entitled to one (1) automatic entry for the event.
13-19 Years competitors are restricted to no more than five (5) individual events at the State Championships. (Excluding relays)
The 2019 Queensland Schools 10 – 12 Years Track & Field Championships will be held at QSAC, Nathan from 15-16 August 2019.
The maximum number of entries allowed per region will be:
200m & 800m track events & all field events – 3 per event.
100m track event – 4 per event. 
1500m track event – 2 per event. 
Relays – 1 team per event.
Multi-event (100m, 800m, Long Jump, Shot Put) – 2 per event              
AWD athletes must meet State Qualifying Standards
It is important to note that attaining the qualifying standard in an event is NOT a guarantee of selection in the Regional Team.
To be considered as a multi-class athlete in the Metropolitan West School Sport team, the athlete must hold a current Classification or ProvisionalClassification.
The athlete must also complete the nomination form & submit to Met West Sport with District Nominations. (10-12 Yrs - Appendix P) & (13-19 Yrs - Appendix  Q)
The Metropolitan West School Sport Office will consider all results and contact selected Multi-class athletes after the completion of the Met West Track & Field trial. Should you have any further queries or concerns please contact the Metropolitan West School Sport office on 3436 0333. 
Students should be advised in advance that, if they qualify as members of the Regional Team they will be required to purchase the Regional Track and Field uniform to be worn at the State Championships and pay a team levy.        


10-12 Years​
State Championships - 15-16 August 2019 - QSAC, Nathan
Coach/Manager - Nicholas Courtney (Fig Tree Pocket State School)
Coach Manager - Jackie Williams (Lowoods State School)
Coach/Manager - Stephanie Jones (Springfield Central State School)
Coach/Manager - Grant McFarlane (Springfield Lakes State School)
Coach/Manager - Brett Joycey (Oxley State School)
Coach/Manager - Bray Miller (Jindalee State School)
Coach/Manager (Multiclass) - Robyn Hutchinson (Mt Ommaney Speical School)

13-19 Years
State Championships - 19-22 October 2019 - Barlow Park, Cairns
Coach/Manager - Dese Dunne (Kenmore State High School)
Coach/Manager - Rachel Fletcher (Woodcrest State Colege)
Coach/Manager - Nick Vlaisavljevic (Corinda State High School)
Coach/Manager - Tim Parravicini (St Thomas More College)
Coach/Manager - Laura Manson (Bellbird Park State Secondary College)
Coach/Manager - Yvette VanSchaemelhout (Woodlinks State School)
Coach/Manager - Belinda Grose (Bundamba State School)


2019 Information

Appendix A: Program of Events



2018 10-19yrs Met West Track & Field Results